Store Closing

Dear Teacups and Trucks Friends and Family,
I am writing this to let all of you know that I have made the decision to close our brick and mortar location, effective Dec. 18, 2017. We will returning to our strictly mobile unit and also launching our new Party in a Box in 2018.
This decision has been a very long and emotional one for both me and my staff. This little business has been our entire world and opening our first store 3 years ago was a dream come true! We have loved every day spent there and often joke that it is our sanctuary. A sense of peace and love just envelopes you the moment you walk through the front door. We spend countless hours in this space living and breathing the joys and passions of our hearts! We have all come together through different circumstances over the years and it is so cool to see how God has used our unique talents to serve others through Teacups and Trucks. For some of us it is through literacy and learning, others it is creativity and design and for all of us it has been about growing! Growing individually and also as a business.

 Being an entrepreneur is tough. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had! I think for the longest time I have had this vision of what success looked like. It meant having a legitimate storefront, lots of employees, multiple locations and tons of money in the bank. Ha! To me, closing the store meant I gave up on success, I failed. I don’t do very well with giving up, for those of you who don’t know me. That is why making this decision has not been a fast and abrupt one. I have mulled this over for a very long time. It is because of my Faith, my staff of the most amazing friends and my family that have helped me reach this decision.

 Success, you see, as already been achieved. Teacups and Trucks gave us hope, gave us life. We know who we are and our purpose. The store won’t prevent us from spreading these gifts and all the money in the world won’t bring us happiness. WE are Teacups and Trucks and WE aren’t going anywhere! WE can go anywhere and share our love for what we do and that’s exactly what we intend to do! Our parties will be mobile and we can bring them to you, our summer camps will be through Mt. Pleasant Recreation, possibly a church in Summerville and private residences and our new Party in a Box design can reach families all over the world!

 Thank you to all of you who have stood by us, offered support, gave us advice and became our friends. We can’t express our gratitude enough! Your children have brightened our hearts and gave us memories that will last a lifetime. We hope that your children took a little piece of our passion with them when leaving a party or one of our camps because that is what fuels our soul. Not even kidding! I want to end by sharing something I read right before sitting down to write this email.

 “When we serve others for our own satisfaction, we are serving out of selfish ambition. When we serve others in the name of Jesus, Christ is glorified. It all boils down to the heart motivation behind our actions.” – Proverbs 31 Ministries  

I share this with you not to push my Faith on you as I respect ALL religions and spiritual beliefs, but just to say that I promise you, our hearts are in the right place. We love what we do and we love each of you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

– Corrie Silvers