“How Do I Talk to God?” A Little Boys Perspective

By Corrie Silvers


My son asked, “Mom, I’m not really sure how I am supposed to talk to God?”

We were laying in bed and the question just came out of nowhere. I love this time before bed with him because it’s when all of our deepest conversations always arise. I think I said to him something along the lines of, “What do you mean? When you pray, you are talking to him.” That wasn’t what he was referring to though. His prayers, although his own, are always the same. He has been praying the same prayer for almost 5 years now. I could recite the entire thing in a heartbeat. I have even secretly recorded it (listen to the video), just so I will always have it! Part of his prayer goes like this…”Watch over the people who are sick or if they are dying or in the hospital or the doctor. Watch over the people who don’t have any houses or money and please watch over those people so they can eat, watch and play.” (not sure what watch and play are all about). He goes on to ask that he hopes one of my friends dad who has passed away is “having a good time up there.” It is just the sweetest prayer ever!

Listen to Prayer Here

So, when he asked how to talk to God, I guess I could see what he meant. He wants a deeper relationship, one where he can hear Him, not just do all the talking. lol! How relevant is that to our own lives as adults? We pray to God when we are hurting or when we need a miracle or when we are blessed and things are seeming to go our way. But, how many of us really take the time to sit and talk with God? My times with God are usually in the early mornings before the sun comes up. I am sometimes awakened by Him with thoughts and direction that force me out of bed. It is my most favorite time of day! I read scripture, I pray, I worship and literally talk to God.

If we take the time to listen, we will hear Him, but you have to make time. For my son, I said, “When do you feel like you hear God talk to you?” He went into this really long story about a girl on the playground who has “special needs” (I guess this is what the class is called at his school). Anyway, the story was about how she steals the basketball at recess when they are playing a game and runs off with it and laughs. He said that some of the boys get really aggravated with her and say mean things. He said that he felt like he needed to be nice to her and tell his friends to stop being mean. He said, “I feel like that is God.”

Well, you are spot on, son! You get it! You don’t have to sit and talk with God to hear Him, you can feel the Holy Spirit talk to you in the midst of everyday! It’s up to us to listen and obey! This journey teaching my son about Jesus is just plain awesome! Lord, help me to remember that my little boy is watching. That he needs me to guide him in the way that he should go. I’m sure that the road will be rough along the way, but help the both of us to listen to your word in all that we do. Amen!


”Twas the Night Before 5th Grade!

By Corrie Silvers

‘Twas the night before 5th grade and all through the house, “not one single pencil has been bought, not even paper!” I shout.
All the laundry sat bundled in a ball on the floor in hopes that a fairy would wash it before 4:00.

My son isn’t nestled all snug in his bed; he’s at football practice and I’m sure it will be a late night instead. Momma is panicked and running about, thinking “why did I not do any of this before now?”

Then from my head there arose such a thought: you work like a dog and procrastinate a LOT! Away to the store! I drove in a flash in hopes that the supplies were there he needed for class!

The store shelves were beaming with an ominous glow as I realized they were empty, and hung my head low. When what to my wandering eyes should appear, but another row of school supplies calling out to me, “Over here!”

With a spring in my step and a twinkle in my eye, I knew in that moment I had God on my side! More powerful than all and always on time, He rose to the occasion and saved my behind!

Now Paper! Now Pencils! Now, Scissors and Glue! On Index Cards! On Notebooks! On, T-shirts and Shoes! To the cashier I ran with my cart almost full! Now dash away! Nope, I need to pay for this, you fool!

I drove to my house, my heart still beating fast. But I got everything needed, and I could rest at last! My baby is grown! 5th grade seems so old. I still want to snuggle and not let him go!

I don’t care about this laundry or school stuff he needs. I just want more time!! Tomorrow is not guaranteed! So I laid in his bed and talked about the struggles: the peer pressure and homework that he’d have to juggle.

He grabbed me tight, and he asked me to say prayers. “Don’t worry,” he said, as I fought back tears. “I love you so much.” That’s all he had to say to make all the chaos disappear from that day.

“Goodnight Booger Bear! Sweet dreams!” I say. Then off to the laundry room I go in a daze…..

JOY vs. MONEY?? Do All Entrepreneurs Have These Feelings?

By Corrie Silvers

blog 2
The other day, I literally typed this into the search engine on my computer: “when do you know if you should give up on your small business?” I sat on the couch after typing it in, laughing to myself.
“Did I really just type that?” I thought.
It’s a question I ask myself over and over again, sometimes in my head and other times by venting to my friends and family. I guess just seeing the question in writing made it that much more real to me. Well, duh! ha!
As an entrepreneur, I sometimes feel trapped. There’s no way I want to quit; but sometimes I feel like there is no way I can go on either. It’s this mind game I have played with myself pretty much every 3 months for the last 5 years. I have moments when it feels like my business is on fiyahh and we are moving in the right direction. But other days, I find myself sitting in the dark in my store, asking God for answers.


Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE what I do! I mean, I’m not playing around when I say that going to work is a joy! My gifts are being used each and every day to impact the lives of children exactly the way I envisioned it when I set out to find a career 20+ years ago. I often stand outside my store at night and just peer into the front window in amazement that this little business is mine. Hundreds of children come through those doors each year to laugh, explore, smile, play, and learn with ME!! I have an amazing God who blessed me with this business, so why then would I ever want to quit???


The answer is money. Yes, the root of all evil is the very thing trying to rob me of my joy! The problem is that you can’t always do what you love if what you love doesn’t make you any money. That’s where being an entrepreneur comes back into play. If I could do what I love, and someone else paid me to do it, that’s one thing. However, I chose to start this business. And it is my job (and no one else’s) to ensure that not only do I pay all of my fantastic employees, but also myself. I am here to tell you this: I am always LAST to be paid, if at all, some months. I work so, so hard (weekdays, weekends, and endless overtime) that my mind just starts to shoot down any possibility of growth or improvement no matter how much determination I think I may have. Everything and everyone is on the line if you don’t succeed. There is an unimaginable amount of strength necessary to push me forward not only physically, but mentally as well. When do you know if enough, is enough??!! If only I had a crystal ball…..


Throw on top of that, that I am a single mom with loads of “mom guilt” for the amount of time I spend working instead of being at home with my son. Oh yeah, and “my home” is actually my friend’s home. I live in a separate 1 bedroom apartment that I converted into 2 bedrooms by renovating a large storage room on the bottom floor of her house. I’m not “crushing it” as so many people like to think that I am. I’m doing as well as can be expected for an entrepreneur, as my financial planner (shout out to Michael) likes to remind me. But nowhere near where I would like to be.


I know that I could NEVER, EVER do this without my Faith in God and without my amazing friends, who just happen to also be my employees. I want my business to succeed just as much for myself, as I do for them! We are sisters, and we believe in this business. We believe in one another. We have cried together and we have screamed at one another. We’ve prayed. We’ve planned. But what we do best is laugh!! Thankfully.


If you could be a fly on the wall at Teacups and Trucks, you would be rich! You could sell our shenanigans for millions!! I would venture to say that we are the biggest bunch of crazy fools you could ever be around. I am positive that this joy radiates through us and is what brings smiles to the kids who are around us each day! It is the heart of who we are!!


Joy vs. Money
Perseverance vs. Giving Up


I guess what it all boils down to, is there really isn’t a clear cut answer and I kinda, sorta already knew that. Typing it into my search engine led me to dive in deeper and to write this blog. To realize that my Faith in God, myself, and my team is stronger than any dollar I may or may not receive. And THAT alone will provide me riches beyond measure. I pray that whatever happens to this little dream of mine, I will remain grateful, no matter where the journey ends.


blog 1

Dear Dad, Do You Remember?

By Corrie Silvers

Dear Dad,

Remember when I was a little girl and you dad5would hold me down on the floor and tickle me with your chin?  I would laugh so hard that my stomach would hurt and I would plead with you to stop. Do you remember dad? Or all those times I would lay on your back and watch tv with you?


Do you remember when I was 16 years old and you drove me down to pick up my car and you dropped me off and told me you would see me at the house? The car was a stick shift, dad. I had never driven a stick shift. Do you remember? I finally made it back to the house and you were waiting in the driveway with a smile on your face. That’s one way to learn, huh?


What about all those times in H.S. when you would come home from work and have complete outfits that you picked out for me? Killer outfits! You always had the best style and I always loved what you would bring home for me. I can hear you now, “You can mix and match all of this stuff if you wear it right.”


Do you remember the time you told me that a real man will light a cigarette for a woman? Haha!! Or a man who spends too much time in bars with his friends, is up to no good. Yeah, you were right, dad. You did an awesome job of showing me and telling me about how a real man treats the woman that he loves. You are the best husband to mom! I love when you whistle at her. I love that even when she’s wrong, you back her anyway. I love that you have always told us that she comes first. I love that you tell her that she is the sexiest woman you know.

Dad, do you remember when you held me in your arms on the floor of my condo when I found out my husband was having an affair? I will never forget that! I remember just looking into your eyes and wanting you to make everything better. I remember your voice whispering to me, “Everything is going to be okay, Corrie.” You were right, dad.

I still remember your face when I pulled out of your driveway in a Uhaul truck with my Jeep in tow, headed to SC. The look on your face was priceless! You really just could not believe I was doing it. No job and no idea where I was going to live when I got there. You were angry with me, but you just said, “Be careful!” I do get my stubbornness and independence from you, though!


When it was time to open up my store, you drove to SC in your beat up truck (so you could haul your tools and machinery) to help me get ready for the grand opening. You woke up everyday at the crack of dawn, and spent the entire day there building, painting, designing! When it was finished and it was time for you to go home, do you remember how I broke down crying in the parking lot? I think I caught you off guard because I NEVER do that! I told you I was afraid. Afraid that I would fail or that I couldn’t do it. You said, “Everything is going to be fine, Corrie. You definitely can do this!” You were right again, dad.


You see, dad? I need you. You are my rock, my protector, my motivation and my inspiration. It’s just this calming force just knowing that you are my dad and that I can count on you no matter what. A few weeks ago when Emily called me to tell me that you were in the hospital and that I needed to get there right away, I left SC immediately! I never gave much thought to a life without you. I don’t think I have ever even dreamed of it! I mean, I know it will happen one day,
but the thought just never occurred to me.
Walking into that hospital and seeing you there, everything hit me.


Dad2Do you remember how I held your hand in the hospital bed? What about how I climbed into the bed with you? I blamed it on no seating in the room, but I just wanted to be close to you. I could tell that you were scared, dad. I have never seen that side of you in my entire life. The crazy thing is that I think you were more scared of leaving mom. This time it was my turn to whisper, “Everything is going to be fine, dad.” I was right.



You have made me realize that having you for a dad is a gift. It is a gift of time. My time with you over the years has been cherished by me greatly. I love you so much, dad! So, so much! Happy Father’s Day!!



I Looked Into My Own Eyes and Cried – Without Struggle there is no Progress

By Corrie Silvers


Today, while going through old photos, I stumbled upon this picture of me when I was in Kindergarten. Not really thinking anything about it, I just sat there and looked at it for a minute. All of a sudden, as I stared at myself in the photograph, I began to think and even said out loud, “Wow, what an interesting life you’ve had.” Upon making this statement, I kind of chuckled to myself, 1) for talking to myself and, 2) for talking at myself. Lol! It was in this weird moment that I just stared into my own little eyes in the photo and did a playback of my journey. It was like I was watching a video of my life in my mind. I immediately began to cry, more like sob.

I thought of that little girl and how much she loved to play outside. She loved to play at her cousins’ house, ride her hot wheel, play tag, and listen to Andy Gibb on her record player with her sister. She loved to build forts, stay out in the neighborhood until dark, climb trees, visit her great grandparents, drink Coke Floats, roller skate, go to church, camping, and writing. She never really liked dolls or anything typical girls do, she was stubborn, strong-willed, but she was likeable and she was fun!

She eventually became a teenager. She was crazy. Not the kind of crazy that got her into trouble because of alcohol, drugs and boys, but with her smart mouth and out of control temper. She loved to have the last word, she was irritated by her parents and most definitely thought she knew it all! She loved to listen to music, fast cars, cheerleading (which is pretty ironic considering my childhood as a tomboy) and diving into all things that were of interest to her boyfriend (drag racing, car shows, NASCAR and Metallica).

Quite frankly, I have no idea who I was from 16-18 years old. Haha!

But once this firecracker hit college, a whole new version of her had emerged. She LOVED R&B music, grunge, baseball hats, Natural Light, cigarettes, dancing, parties and her friends. She loved laughing, staying up late, Kappa Delta, concerts, freedom and pretty much everything but school itself. But she DID graduate, married her college sweetheart and in her heart, thought the rest would be easy.

Oh, what happened to those sweet little eyes I was staring at in that photograph? Where was that little girl with the heart that was innocent and unbreakable? The gullible and naïve me no longer existed. I wanted so desperately to yell at the photograph and tell her where she went wrong. Where she needed to “not go”. But wait….

Had she not married her college sweetheart, she would not know what it feels like to be cheated on, abandoned and broken to the very core. She would not have learned how to live alone, be independent and to rise from heartache. Though she also would not have run away from her pain, isolated friends and family and plummeted into a lifestyle that was more reckless to soothe her hurting. She would have had more self-worth; and therefore been more selective of the people she allowed back into her world. People who would continue to cause even more destruction and heartache beyond the scope of anything she saw possible or fathomable.

Once again, love was destroyed. This time, though, she knew what to do. She had been here before. The difference was, she had a child. A beautiful, intelligent, funny and gifted little boy who made every single triumph or misfortune all the greater! Her life was not only her own anymore and giving up, running away or falling apart, was NOT an option! This time she learned how to sacrifice, how to “do without”, how to persevere, fight, hustle and bust her ass to provide for her and her son.

She finally realized that without struggle, there is no progress.

These thoughts played through my mind, over the course of about 3 minutes, while I sat staring at this picture of myself with tears streaming down my cheeks. I’m not quite sure of the exact words I said to myself at the end (literally aloud), but I’m pretty sure it went something like this….

Corrie, you did it girl. You still have a long way to go, but you did it. You made some mistakes, you took some wrong turns, but it’s ok. I’m proud of you for what you’ve had to face and believe in your future. You don’t need to be afraid. You don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed or embarrassed. You have had a wonderful life. You just keep remembering that YOU are worth it. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. I love you little girl! P.S.- Go have a Coke Float. 😉

July 4th DIY Crafts

By Corrie Silvers


Materials Needed:
Spray Paint- red, white and blue
Wire wreath
White foam stars
Twine or Ribbon

materials for wreath



4th of July Hat for Kids

FullSizeRender (56)

Materials Needed:
Strips of white posterboard
Foam star stickers
Bendable straws
Pipe Cleaners


I’m a “Play Professional”! Party Games and Craft Kit for amateurs

By Corrie Silvers

IMG_9115 (1)
When I was 18 years old, my first “real” job was a Recreation Coordinator at Blue Licks Battlefield State Park in Mt. Olivet, Kentucky. This job, I believe, was the catalyst into what is now my true passion as an entrepreneur.


As the Recreation Coordinator for the Park, it was my duty to design and implement recreational activities for the children and families staying at the campground. This included games, crafts, social events and entertainment. I would distribute weekly themed activities to campers and hope that what I planned was interesting! Over the course of that summer, I learned that making people laugh and smile while coming together for recreational activity, was a passion! There was just something about “play” that got my heart racing!


I decided, once in college, to pursue a degree in Recreation and after graduation landed a wonderful career with the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati and Greenwood, SC as a Youth and Family Life Director. While in this position for over 7 years, I designed and directed several after school and summer camp programs for children and teens. Now, almost 25 years later, I am operating my own business, doing the exact same thing that got me into this field in the first place! Playing with children!!


I am sharing all of this information to explain my reason for designing these NEW Party Games and Craft kits available for purchase in our online store. I consider my “passion” as a gift. Yes, it may seem silly to you, but I consider myself a “play professional”. I don’t think it is any different in that if you were overweight, you would seek guidance from a nutritionist or personal trainer. You may even purchase a workout video or diet supplements to get you started on your journey. These kits are helping you in the same way! You may not be someone who knows what to do with a room full of 20 children or you may, simply, not have time!! Don’t waste time searching through Pins on Pinterest or running around town buying supplies. If you are a Room Mom or teacher, don’t waste time trying to get other moms to chip in or to help lead games at class parties. Let our kits do all the work for you!!


These kits give you step by step directions on how to lead 3 different party games and execute 1 craft project. All of the supplies are divided up by how many children you have (kits are sold in sets of 12 or 24) and packaged accordingly. That way you can hand each child a bag with his/her craft supplies already cut and ready and all they need to do is assemble. All of the games are creative and designed specific to age (kit comes in grades Pre-K-5th grade). It is literally a Party in a Box! You can open, play and have FUN!!!


Stayed tuned for more kits available in our online store with the following themes:
While You’re Waiting
On the Road


FullSizeRender (38)


Cookies & Cocoa Holiday Party!

By Corrie Silvers

Since opening our new storefront location this time last year, we have been dying to have a Holiday party in our store! With an amazing children’s clothing boutique right next door and tons of friends in the event business, we knew we could pull it off in style! Besides, what child doesn’t love cookies and an excuse to party? That was the inspiration behind our Cookies and Cocoa Holiday party.

Cocoa Kids

With a crisp, white party area, making the decision to go with a woodland snow theme was easy! We brought in lots of greenery, pine cones, berries and our favorite part were the tree logs we used on the dessert table for display as well as seating for the children. The dessert table featured a Hot Cocoa menu, cookies, two tiered cake and cake pops for the kids to enjoy! We used old closet doors behind the table to add some texture to the plain walls and to provide support for the chalkboard sign and other decorative items. A simple Christmas garland was attached to the front of the table using safety pins to create an outdoors feel. Another way we brought the outdoors inside, was by creating the star shaped snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. TIP-Because we didn’t have favors at this party (their presents were the favor) we opted instead to put the favor tags on the paper cups they used for hot cocoa.

Cocoa Dessert Table

The mantle above the fireplace was decorated with greenery and battery operated fairy lights. We used small wooden place card holders to display Christmas cards and spray painted a paper mache deer head, gold, to go in the center. Because our fireplace is non-working, we chose to illuminate it by placing tree logs inside and covering them with battery operated candles in various shapes and sizes. We then put frosted wooden trees, pinecones and berries on each side.

Cocoa Fireplace

Once the children arrived, they exchanged gifts with one another, sang Christmas songs, sipped on hot cocoa, ate lots of cookies and yummy desserts and then we let them write thank you notes to one another before they even left the party! Writing thank you notes was a party activity and the girls loved it! Boys, eh, not so much! lol! We probably should have let them decorate cookies, but with the fancy attire, we were nervous!

Cocoa Kids at Table

Cocoa Party Collage PDF

Vendor credits-
Photography- Christine Hamrick Photography- http://www.christinehamrickphotography.com
Event Styling, Paper Goods and Party Decor- Teacups and Trucks, LLC- http://www.teacupsandtrucks.com
Invitation, thank you cards, favor tags- Tiny Prints- https://www.tinyprints.com/shop/picture-christmas-cards.htm
Desserts- Cake My Day- http://www.cakemydaycharleston.com
Chalkboard Sign- Charleston Chalk Chick- http://www.facebook.com/CharlestonChalkChick/
Clothing- Ragamuffin Children’s Boutique-http://www.ragamuffinchildrensboutique.com/

Don’t Get Your Panties in a Wad! Back to School “Mommy Fail!”

By Corrie Silvers


Notice the syrup on the shorts?

The First Day of School. I found out this morning that all of my efforts to make this day special, memorable, fun, and stress free, all came to a screeching halt the moment my son dropped his waffle in his lap at breakfast.


Let’s back up. The days leading up to the first day of school are always chaotic for me. I literally have an entire summer to prepare, but for some reason, I insist on waiting until the last possible day to do EVERYTHING that needs to be done. What needs to be done? Well, for someone like me, a professional party planner and DIY junkie, I want to do all the cooky things you see on Pinterest. The first day of sign for your child to hold in pictures, the teacher gift, the personalized pencil holder, research new lunch ideas, write a note to include in my son’s lunch box…. the list goes on. Because I wait until the last second, I’m running around the night before spray painting jars and feeling guilty because I have yet to have my son fill out his “Get to Know You” form that his teacher asked for. Why do I always do this to myself? I’ll tell you why! I’M CRAZY!!!!


I had an entire list of stuff prepared for this morning, the first day of school. I had clothes laid out and ready, lunch box packed (with a cute note inside), teacher gift wrapped and in his book bag, and a location outside prepped and ready for first day photos. My son, on the other hand, could care less about it being the first day. He would wear his pajamas to school if I let him. He wasn’t anxious, nervous, excited or sad about going to school today. It was just another day. The way it should be. But…….. mommy had to make it a circus! Lol! I came to this realization after my son looked at me with a look of “What is your deal?” He didn’t say it, but I could just tell he was definitely thinking it. I got this look after he sat down to eat his breakfast and while attempting to take his first bite, his entire waffle fell into his lap. I’m pretty sure my head spun around on my shoulders like the exorcist. I immediately began to yell that he was going to have to change out of his entire outfit because now he was going to smell like a bottle of syrup at school. “I just told you to lean over your plate,” I yelled! That was when he gave me “the look”. He slowly turned around and continued to eat his breakfast and I stood there in the kitchen feeling like a moron. Why was I making such a big deal out of a waffle and a little syrup?? He’s a boy. He could go to school reeking of dead animals and it wouldn’t phase him! This day was NOT supposed to be this insane. I do NOT want to send my son off to school with tension and aggravation over a measly waffle. Yes, I had a “Mommy Fail” moment.


Sometimes, even when we know the right thing to do or not to do, it just happens. We’re moms. We’re stressed, tired and full of shortcomings! I learned today, this first day of 3rd grade, to quit setting myself up for things that I know I won’t have time to do, to go with the flow and let things slide and to NOT get my panties in a wad over a little spilled syrup!! Geesh!!!


Have a great school year mommies! Live in the present, enjoy the hectic schedule and remember that it will all be gone in the blink of an eye..


Pep Talk in the Shower!

By Corrie Silvers


This past Memorial Day weekend marked the 2 year anniversary of the weekend that forever changed my life. It was the weekend I decided to leave a 12 year relationship and move my son out of the only home he has ever known with his daddy. As the weekend approached, I was actually feeling pretty optimistic. I only had one party booked, the weather was going to be beautiful and my son and I could have the entire weekend to do anything that we wanted to. As the weekend grew closer, my feelings began to change. I began to notice that almost everyone I knew had some sort of plan. Whether it was a vacation, family coming into town, cookout, and the posts on Facebook made it even more apparent. I didn’t have any plans and I didn’t have anyone to do anything with. Feelings of guilt started to creep in as I thought about my son and how he would spend the entire weekend with his momma “only”. I began to brainstorm on fun things to do, but knew that it wouldn’t be as fun as what “other people” were doing.

When Saturday arrived, I woke up early to host a birthday party and returned home shortly thereafter to my son who was very content playing video games. I sat down on the couch and before too long I had fallen asleep. Maybe an hour went by and my son woke me up to ask, “Mom, what are we going to do today?” I popped up, briskly, and told him I was going to jump in the shower and that we would make a plan. While in the shower, I can’t even explain what came over me. I began to sob hysterically. I think it was a combination of what the weekend represented and the anxiety I was feeling that we didn’t have a “family” to spend the weekend with. We didn’t even have any friends who asked us to do anything. I remember standing in the shower and flashes of images that I had just seen on Facebook played over and over in my mind. “Why not me?” I began to ask myself. “Why don’t I have a husband posing with me on the beach with, #blessed? Why am I not on a boat with my friends and their children laughing and having a good time? Why am I alone?” I was having an ultimate pity party!!! It was so crazy. I know it didn’t last very long because as soon as I recognized what I was doing, I said to myself (out loud), “I know exactly WHY you are where you are in life!” It was as if God jerked me up by the arm and said, “Are you kidding me?”

Two years ago, as hard as that day was, was the best decision I could have ever made. I am a much more confident and self assured person. I don’t rely on a man to make me feel valued. I have a business that is growing and thriving and has exceeded EVERY expectation that I have ever thought possible! But, the very most important realization in this ultimate pity party, was that my son is all that i needed. He loves his momma! Yeah, he “prefers” when he has other children to play with, but his mom is pretty cool too! 😉 We may not have a “traditional” family Memorial Day weekend, but I guarantee we will have a good time! We have each other and we have so much to be thankful for. It was like I was giving myself a pep talk. I wanted to shout, “Gooooo Corrie!” before jumping out of the shower. 🙂


As it turned out, we stopped by my store to grab my laptop, and one of the residents who lives in the complex invited my son and I to go out on his boat with his family the next day. It was super spontaneous and unexpected and we didn’t even know them very well. We couldn’t have had a better day!! I know I thanked God about 500 times on the boat that day. I felt so silly for all of my complaining!


You know, sometimes God will take us through some pretty awful, terrible times in life, only to bring us to EXACTLY where we need to be. It may not be fair, it may not be what we expected, but you can bet that if we are patient we will find the lesson in all of it. My lesson: Quit looking at Facebook (lol) and no matter how tough things get, remember that MY LIFE is mine and that, although not typical, it’s pretty darn AMAZING!!!!


Top 10 Reasons I Hate Getting Older!

By Corrie Silvers


Although in my mind, I don’t feel a day over 28, I’m reminded constantly that it’s just not the case. I’ve never been one to care much about getting older or admitting my age, but I tell ya, this year sure has been a doozy! Here are my top 10 reasons for hating 40!

1. That I have to get my hair colored every 2.5 weeks to cover gray hair.

2. That I have to say 40, when someone asks how old I am.

3. When I try on clothes and the salesperson says, “You can totally pull that off for your age.”

4. When I start singing songs that I hear on the radio and nobody else has a clue what the song is.

5. When I told someone I had a “bra” for my car when I was 16 and they thought I was talking about lingerie.

6. When you think you’re cool and hanging out with younger people and then someone says, “You’re only 5 years younger than my mom”.

7. When the comments that “you don’t look your age” start to become few and far between.

8. When you are out to eat with a group of friends and you are the ONLY one to get carded! What!?

9. When I get down on the floor to play with my son and I literally can’t stand back up without assistance.

10. When my son asked me who was older, me or Johnny Appleseed?


40 and a Frozen Heart! “Let it Go, Let it Go!”

By Corrie Silvers

past in the past


It’s been almost a year and a half since I became single. Stepping into this world was scary and very unpredictable. I had no idea what to expect, what obstacles I would face or challenges that would come my way! I really didn’t think too much about myself and all of my concerns were about my son. Over the last few weeks, I have begun to shift my focus on myself. I am realizing how much time I have spent trying to “pick up the pieces” of situations in my relationships that have been full of lies, deceit and unappreciation. I have focused so much on rebuilding, reshaping and repairing everyone else that somewhere along the way I gave up on ME. I wasn’t worthy. I didn’t deserve a good guy. I began to settle.

What happened to my self worth? olafI have always been a confident and very independent woman. I came from a home in which I watched my parents love and respect one another. I was always the girl who told friends who were with guys who treated them unkind to, “leave” and that, “they could do so much better.” Why, then, was I compromising? Why was I always the one to make all the sacrifices? It’s like I have stumbled out of a fog and now I can see everything clearly! I understand that I am wounded. I understand that my heart has been repeatedly crushed. I understand that I am a work in progress. I DO NOT understand how I am 40 and DATING. 🙂

Yes, I am now in the dating world. I think since entering into this new and uncharted territory I have been forced to deal with my issues with men. This time around it’s not just about getting into a relationship for me, but it’s also about my son. I can’t afford to get into another unhealthy relationship that will lead to nowhere, now that my son is part of the equation. It is imperative that I find a GOOD man! This new truth catapulted my desire to look at myself and to try and unmask the hurt and uncover the pain. It’s something that I know will take time, but at least I am open to the process and aware of my shortcomings.

With all of that said, God HELP the men that come into my life from here on out! Not only do I have no idea “how to date”, but I am pretty sure it will be like barreling through a brick wall to gain any amount of trust with me. If you’re a woman in my shoes, you understand. I’m much like Elsa in that my heart is FROZEN and I’m singing very loudly, “Let it Go, Let it Go!” 🙂

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Summer’s Over?

By Corrie Silvers

Wow! Did we just have a summer break? That went by so insanely fast! It seems like yesterday that I was packing for vacation and looking forward to time off with my son. That was yesterday, right?


Teacups and Trucks had a very busy summer too! Our summer themed day camp was a huge success and it definitely kept us on our toes. No time for days at the beach or pool when you have 25 kids waiting for you each day. I have been an active participant in day camps my entire life. From a camper to a counselor to a director and then on to overseeing the staff that lead the camps, I’ve always had my hand in the pot, so to speak. Camp is fun for me! It is a challenge to come up with new and exciting activities to keep the children engaged and eager to attend each day. There is nothing worse than sending your child somewhere for the entire summer that is boring and monotonous. Summer break is supposed to be fun and full of excitement and our camps are exactly that!


We have also been very busy coming up with new, customizable party packages to offer to our customers. These new packages allow you to build your own party and pay for the things that YOU need. For instance, if you are the kind of person who enjoys pinterest projects and decorating, but you hate entertaining children, there is a package that allows you to have us come and entertain the children only. On the flip side, if you absolutely hate decorating, but enjoy coming up with fun games and activities for the children to do at the birthday party, we can do that too! We are very excited about this new format and hope that we will still be able to serve our diverse market.

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And as if we don’t have our hands full enough with all these new changes, we also introduced our new wedding service for children called, WE DO! We had the pleasure of working 2 weddings over the summer and even more excited at the GREAT reviews we received. Here is one that really knocked our socks off:

“I cannot count the number of overwhelmingly positive compliments that my guests gave me at my wedding and the weeks following regarding the services of Teacups & Trucks. The level of professionalism and creativity that was provided was above and beyond. The decorations and supplies beautifully complemented my wedding décor and the children did not want to leave the wedding at the end as they were enjoying the crafts, games, facepainting and friendly staff who became their new friends. This wedding nanny service provided a wonderful service to our adult friends so they could enjoy socializing at the wedding at the same time being able to peek in on their children at any time and see how much fun they were having. I cannot convey how special it was to have so many beautiful children smiling included in our wedding photos. My husband and I will cherish the framed collage that was made for us by the 22 children at our wedding and can honestly say that it was the best vendor hire that we made for our special day.”

 Please watch this video to learn what all the hype is about in the Charleston wedding market!




We are really looking forward to this new school year! I just hope it doesn’t go by as quickly as the summer did. I love camp, but I also love having the 9 month break in between! 

Super Mario vs. Hide n’ Go Seek

By Corrie Silvers


Born in 1973, I was a child growing up in the 80’s video game era! I remember when ATARI first came out with games such as Pac-Man and Combat and then eventually Nintendo with Super Mario Brothers. I loved playing video games! My sister and I became obsessed with advancing to the next level and our quest to rescue the Queen was borderline insanity! That crazy dragon was impossible to pass! I hated him so!

Now, don’t get me wrong, we definitely didn’t sit in the kids-playing-video-games1house all day playing video games. We loved to play outside! Most days my mom would make us go outside and we weren’t allowed back in the house until she said so. Could you imagine that in today’s world? We have become so dependent on our digital devices for everything that we have lost touch with everyday pass times. Whatever happened to neighborhood games of hide and go seek, long car rides playing alphabet or spot that license plate? I’ll tell you what happened, video games, Ipods, Iphones, Ipads and the list goes on and on!

I think it is very important for parents to monitor the amount of time that children spend on these devices. Stop relying on these to keep your children entertained! Play with your children and allow them to have “down time” where they have to use their imagination to find things to do. Less time in front of a video game or phone is more time that your children will interact with you asking questions, talking about their dreams, laughing. These are all moments that you can never get back! It may mean that your children are a little less quiet, more rowdy and on your last nerve, but it’s so vital to their connection to family.

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This year, my son purchased with his birthday money, a PlayStation 4. It wasn’t something I necessarily wanted him to have, but I also understand that he is a normal child and who doesn’t love video games at his age? Before we even opened the box, we discussed the rules and time limits for daily use and he had to agree to them or else lose his time all together. His initial reaction to this was, “But so and so gets to play their video games as much as they want to.” My answer, “I am very happy to return this system and you not have any video games at all.” Yeah, that was all it took and he smiled and said, “No, that’s ok.”


Unplug from the digital world and go outside and play! Or, at the very least, create a balance between the two. Paint pictures, ride bikes, fly a kite, walk on the beach, build a fort, play in a sprinkler, open a lemonade stand, go on a nature hunt and ENJOY your limited time with your children! They’ll thank you for it one day!


WE DO Child Friendly Weddings!

By Corrie Silvers

Imagine having 3 kids. After you’ve wrapped your head around the idea that you  have 3 energetic, wild, and hyperactive kids, imagine that you have been invited to a wedding. Immediately your mind starts to go a million place.s What areyou going to wear, what gift are you going to buy the bride and groom, which store are you going to buy your shoes from? Suddenly, you remember…….the kids.

If buying brand new outfits for your 3 little darlings, packing the car, and getting to the wedding ON TIME wasn’t enough, now you have to make sure they remain calm. Telling them to “sit down” every five minutes, or “shushing” them while the bride and groom say their vows.

“Would it have been easier to leave them at home?…” you think to yourself. But going through the hassle of finding a babysitter my have been just as hard.

Teacups and Trucks is happy to announce a brand new service, “WE DO” Child Friendly Weddings! With this new service, children are finally able to be apart of the celebration!

Watch our video to get a behind-the-scenes look at this exciting new service!




With our new service, we can provide a designated area that is designed according to theme and colors, while also providing hostesses to entertain with games, crafts, activities and more!

We Offer: 

•A unique experience for both children and parents

•Matching theme and colors

•Chairs, Tables, Decor, Supplies

•Wedding Favors and take-home pictures

•Entertainment, Activities, Crafts, Games

•Hostesses: CPR Certified, 3 + years experience

•Peace of Mind for the Bride

•Supervision of children and an Uninterrupted event

•Budget friendly solution for friends, family, and guests


For more information:

Email: corrie@teacupsandtrucks.com

Phone: 843-469-3593

Visit our “We Do” Page 


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